Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

  The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) is a research institution under the Government of Vietnam which was first established in 1953 as the History-Geography-Literature Research Department. Throughout more than 60 years of development, the Academy has changed its name several times. Since February 22, 2013, it has been officially called the Vietnam [...]


The University of Chiang Mai

  The Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD) was established in 1998 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand in response to the need for integration of social science and natural science knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of sustainable development issues in upper mainland Southeast Asia. [...]


Ateneo de Manila University

  The Bachelor of Arts degree, major in Development Studies is ideal for individuals who want to make effective contributions to improve Philippine society through international development organizations, law, politics, foreign service, government, non-government organizations, corporate foundations, and business. This degree program has been offered by the Development Studies Program since 1986. Development Studies is a distinct field of [...]


The University of Mandalay

The teaching of International Relations at the University level was felt necessary after the country attained independence in 1948, but not until a decade later was International Relations introduced into the curricula at Yangon University. It began modestly as an interdepartmental teaching activity in which Modern History, Political Science, Law, Geography and Economics were [...]


The University of Malaya

  The Cabinet of the Malaysian government on 12 July 2006 agreed to establish the Royal Professor Ungku Aziz Chair at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya. In conjunction with the establishment of the Chair, a Centre for Poverty and Development Studies (CPDS) was also created at the Faculty. The establishment [...]


Centre for Strategic and International Studies

  The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is in charge of communicating project results through the organization of events for targeted audiences to be held in both Europe and Southeast Asia (workshops, public lectures, briefing sessions, policy forums and conferences) as well as scientific publications, press coverage, documentary films and policy briefs. [...]


The University of Cambridge

  The establishment of the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) in January 2009 provided a new institutional focus at Cambridge for teaching and research on politics in all its dimensions; international and comparative, theoretical and empirical, abstract and practical. POLIS is one of  four departments in the Faculty of Human, Social and Political [...]


The Institute of Social and Political Sciences

ULisboa is responsible for making the city of Lisbon one of the great European capitals of culture and science, as it welcomes more than 6900 foreign students every year – about 14,5% of the total number of students – from over 100 countries, who are seeking high quality education as well as a different culture, [...]


The University of Lodz

The Department of East Asian Studies at the Faculty of International and Political Studies University of Lodz strives to meet the highest standards of teaching and education for the younger generation of students interested in the East and South Asia region. The Asian Studies Program strongly emphasizes career development for its students. The creation of the [...]


The University of Oslo

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