The Ecole française d’Extrême- Orient (EFEO) is a leading European institution in the study of Asia, specialized in classical and contemporary studies, possessing a unique network of 10 field centres in SEA. As coordinator of the FP7 funded projects ‘Integrating and Developing European Asian Studies’ (IDEAS) and ‘Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion and Dynamics of Exclusion’ (SEATIDE), EFEO is at the heart of a wide network of international partner institutions and plays a key role in the integration of the European Research Area (ERA). EFEO will undertake the project’s overall coordination and management.

A Century of Field Studies in Asia

The French School of Asian Studies was founded in 1900 in Saigon. The mission of the EFEO is interdisciplinary research on the civilizations of Asia, extending from India to Japan. A network of seventeen research centers in twelve Asian countries allows its 42 research scholars (anthropologists, archaeologists, linguists, historians and others) to carry out their fieldwork while maintaining a network of local specialists and Asianists from around the world.