The Department of East Asian Studies at the Faculty of International and Political Studies University of Lodz strives to meet the highest standards of teaching and education for the younger generation of students interested in the East and South Asia region.

The Asian Studies Program strongly emphasizes career development for its students. The creation of the University of Lodz’s Asian Studies degree is intended to train and develop upcoming leading Asian specialists in Poland, Central and wider Europe. The leadership team at the Asian Studies Program works closely with bodies like the European Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Institute of International Affairs and, at the local level, with the Lodz City Office and Marshall’s Office.

The Asian Studies Program offers professional development events to prepare students for their current internships/work experience along with their post graduation plans. Current students have participated in opportunities such as meeting with ambassadors, diplomatic staff, business people and famous scholars dedicated to Asian Studies. Moreover students taking part in the program are involved in organizing the Lodz East Asia Meeting, the biggest international conference in Central Europe in the field. In addition to this, they are also engaged in working with the leadership for the LEAM Pluswebsite. During the studies students have opportunity to study abroad in Asian countries with governmental and local scholarships.

The program includes issues relating to the diverse and dynamic, political, economic and social processes in local, regional and global lenses. Theoretical knowledge together with specific competences make the prospective graduate not only a reflective person with a critical view on phenomena happening in the contemporary world, but also a desirable specialist in the labour market. Courses are conducted by experienced researchers and educators specialising in contemporary Asian development. Language training is an important part of the program, with a total of 360 hours of Chinese or Japanese classes. The tuition fee is less than 250 EURO per semester.

We welcome you to be part of leading Asia experts, practitioners and specialist!