The teaching of International Relations at the University level was felt necessary after the country attained independence in 1948, but not until a decade later was International Relations introduced into the curricula at Yangon University. It began modestly as an interdepartmental teaching activity in which Modern History, Political Science, Law, Geography and Economics were involved.

In the 1960-61 academic year the first batch of students for degree courses in IR came in. Those who had passed the second year Intermediate of Arts examination could apply for admission to these courses. The only qualification required for the study of IR was proficiency in English because English was the medium of instruction in the teaching of IR. In 1964-65, the programme for Myanmarisation of education was fully implemented. As a result, English as the medium of instruction was replaced by the Myanmar Language. All disciplines, both arts and science were taught in Myanmar. Therefore, IR which was taught in English was dropped from the teaching programme.

In the academic year 1983-84 the teaching of IR at Yangon University and Mandalay University was re-introduced on the following conditions:

  • The discipline is to be treated as a professional subject, as it caters to the needs of the foreign service.
  • The yearly intake of students should not exceed 100 for each University.
  • From the applicants for admission, those who achieved highest merit and IQ in the matriculation examination are selected.
  • Regular class and tutorial attendance, seminars and paper reading are required to be eligible for the final examination.

Today, many changes and developments have taken place in IR Department of Mandalay University. Many BA, MA, M Res and PhD graduates have been produced. Department of IR offers Bachelor of Arts (IR) and Bachelor of Arts (Political Science). Currently, the head of the IR Department is Professor Dr. Mi Mi Gyi.

Programmes Offered

  • Diploma in International Relations
  • Diploma in Political Science
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Doctorial

Research Areas & Interest

  • ASEAN Studies
  • Comparative Politics
  • Myanmar Politics
  • Energy Politics
  • Asia Pacific Studies
  • International Political Economy