CRISEA Policy Brief 2 - The Erosion of Liberalism and the Rise of Duterte in the Philippines

The State
16 OCT 2019

This brief situates the rise and continued popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte within an intellectual history of Philippine liberalism. First, the history of the Philippine liberal tradition is examined beginning in the nineteenth century before it became the dominant mode of elite governance in the twentieth century. It then argues that “Dutertismo” (the dominant ideology and practice in the Philippines today) is both a reaction to, and an assault on, this liberal tradition. It concludes that the crisis brought about by the election of Duterte presents an opportunity for liberalism in the Philippines to be reimagined to confront the challenges faced by this country of almost 110 million people.

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Claudio, Lisandro (Leloy)

Lisandro Claudio is Associate Professor at the Departments of History and Literature at De La Salle University, Manila. He obtained ... [read more]