Marco Bünte is Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at Monash University Malaysia. At the same time, he is Senior Research Associate with the German Institute of Global and Area Studies and part of the University of Hamburg‘s Team. He is working on issues of regime change and persistence, on constitutionalism and human rights and social movements. He has written more than 100 refereed articles and book chapters in journals such as Asian Survey, Journal of Contemporary Asia and Contemporary Southeast Asia. He has edited Politics and Constitutions in Southeast Asia (London: Routledge 2017), The Crisis of Democracy in Southeast Asia (Basingstoke: Palgrave 2012) and Democratization in Post-Soeharto Indonesia (London: Routledge)

 Project Summary

Human Rights Institutions in Southeast Asia

This research analyses the origins, mandate and effects of Southeast Asian human rights institutions. The establishment of these institutions is puzzling giving the Southeast Asian state‘s dismal human rights record. National human rights institutions can evolve into powerful actors in their own right and influence state compliance with human rights. The project looks at the origins, mandates and various episodes of human rights struggle to characterise the state of Southeast human right framework.

Democratization and Civil Military Relations in Myanmar

This research focuses on democratization and civil military relations in Myanmar. Where it is explored how the military has guided, guarded and ultimately constrained the country’s democratization. By analysing three arenas – civil liberties, peace building and parliamentary politics, the project aims to show that the military still has a much more powerful role than in usual democracies.