Andrée Feillard, a CNRS Honorary Senior Researcher and Associate Director of the Center for Southeast Asia (CASE/EHESS) from 2010-2012, studied the political history of Indonesian Islam and Nahdlatul Ulama, in particular, the largest Muslim organization. She then turned her attention to the emergence of radical Islamic movements and the recomposition of post-1998 Islam. The results of his research were the subject of a book entitled The End of Innocence? Indonesian Islam facing radical temptation, from 1967 to the present day (with Rémy Madinier, Irasec-Les Indes savantes, 2006). She also observed the female question in Indonesian Islam.

Between 2002 and 2005, she was seconded to the French School of Far East in Jakarta. She was also a journalist with Agence France Presse (1981-1985) in Jakarta and then head of the regional weekly Asiaweek (1985-1989). She also coordinated the book Islam in Asia, from the Caucasus to China (La Documentation française, 2001).