Dr. Rémy Madinier is a historian of modern Indonesia. After his Ph.D. thesis dedicated to the history of Muslim democracy in Indonesia, he has conducted researches on Islamic radicalization in Southeast Asia. His latest researches focuse on Muslim-Christian relations in Indonesia.

Summary of Project:

For this project he proposes to conduct researches on the formation, implementation and contestation of national religious identity in Indonesia. According to the first principle of Pancasila (the state ideology), the word largest muslim country recognize not ony Islam but also six other religions.

The role of different faiths in the development and evolution of the original religious compromise established by the Pancasila state ideology has been quite extensively studied over the last twenty years, by both Indonesian and Western scholars. But these researches have generally focused on Islam or Christianity, and more rarely on Hinduism and Buddhism. Moreover these studies have taken into account only marginally the dynamics of interfaith relations – that is how the different communities did change their positions based on those of others -.

The proposed project will analyze the Islamist contestation of Pancasila and its defense by religious minorities as well as moderate Muslims attached to a more local conception of Islam