Director of the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. Prof Rigg has commenced a three-year appointment as Director at ARI with effect from 1 January 2016. Prof Rigg has been a Professor in the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore since 2013. Prior to that, he was Head of the Geography Department at Durham University in the UK. He was also based at the School of Oriental & African Studies, London University where he was a Lecturer, British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, and PhD student. Prof Rigg is a development geographer interested in understanding the human effects of social and economic (and, to some extent, environmental) transformations in the Asian region. Initially, he focused on farming and agriculture, later extending his research to migration, urban living, livelihoods, popular participation, and resilience. Just as his thematic areas of interest have broadened so too has the geographical scope of his work, expanding from Thailand; then to Laos (where he was interested in understanding how rural households negotiated transition and reform); and more latterly to Sri Lanka (migration), Vietnam (migrants in Hanoi) and Nepal (resilience to earthquakes). Increasingly his work has also been linked to and funded through interdisciplinary projects. He has supervised more than 25 PhD students to completion. He has recently completed a new book, More than rural: textures of Thailand’s agrarian transformation, to be published by Hawaii University Press, and is working on three research projects: on land ownership, use and transfer in Thailand (with Buapun Promphaking and Albert Salamanca); on the smallholder in East and Southeast Asia’s development (with Eric Thompson and Jamie Gillen), and on the governance of the transboundary environmental commons in Southeast Asia (with David Taylor).