Darmawan, Alan

Alan Darmawan studied human  geography and social anthropology at the State University of Medan, where he was actively involved in several social organizations as a community organizer/developer, both for poor people in urban and rural areas. Since 2012 he has participated in collaborative research such as socio-legal issues in judicial processes against corruption, anthropology of medicine, and an anthropological study of rural development. In 2014 and 2015 he taught Ethnographic Research Methods and Urban Athropology at the Universitas Medan . In the Winter Semester of 2016 he started his PhD project at the Department of Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures, Hamburg University, with the topic of Traditional Malay Dance Drama in Riau Islands.

1 Publications by  Darmawan, Alan
Malay Identity on the move
The study will focus on various constructions of Malay identity as constructed and propagated by local, transregional as well as transnational agencies in the province Kepri (Island Riau), and how the local population uses or adheres to these or parts of these constructions to formulate their own identity in everyday life. Local governmental departments on different levels in the administration have been putting much effort and funds into organising a great number of art festivals to celebrate local artistic forms and set up programmes to disseminate the art forms among the population, e.g. in October-November 2017 ...
19 Nov 2018 8.13 AM