Evrard, Olivier

Olivier Evrard is a social anthropologist from the French Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), France. He is also affiliated researcher at the Regional Center for Social Sciences and Sustainable Development at Chiang Mai University. He works in Laos since 1994 and in Thailand since 2005, mainly with upland populations. His main interests include land use systems, swidden agriculture, interethnic relationships, mobility patterns, heritage and myths. He is currently conducting a research on the social patterns of air pollution in Chiang Mai with his colleague from Hawai’i University, Mary Mostafanezhad, for which they have received a grant from the National Science Foundation

1 Publications by  Evrard, Olivier
Understanding the Socio-Ecological Drivers and Consequences of Seasonal Air Pollution
Air pollution affects an astounding 92 percent of the world population, including numerous Southeast Asian cities, and is responsible for one out of nine deaths globally. While environmental scientists have documented the sources of air pollution and social scientists have demonstrated how the effects of air pollution are unevenly distributed, scholars still know markedly little about the socio-ecological drivers and consequences of seasonal air pollution and by what mechanisms such pollution comes to be constituted as a crisis or triggers a political response. An adequate explanatory framework accounting for these social dimensions of seasonal air pollution - particularly when its ...
13 Nov 2018 12.56 PM