Mendes, Nuno Canas

Nuno Canas Mendes has a Master and a PhD in International Relations. Associate Professor at the Social and Political Sciences and at Police Academy, Lisbon. He coordinated a project on State-Building and State-Failure in Timor-Leste, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and co-organizer of the Timor-Leste Studies Association conferences. His main research interests are regional integration and security in Southeast Asia, nationalism and State-building in Timor-Leste, diplomacy and foreign policy. He his the author of five books and nine articles, coordinator of 6 conference proceedings on Timor-Leste. His last book title is « Timor-Leste : From the Guerrilla Warfare to the Defence Forces », Lisboa, Mercado das Letras, 2018.

Summary of Project

Forces on Competing (Dis)Integration: The Timor Leste Case in ASEAN Context

It is proposed that there is a plurality of external interests that express the position of Timor-Leste in-between giants as a political and sociological disjuncture. The research elaborates on international territorial integrations of Timor-Leste as eventual global-and-local identity choices for Timor-Leste (ASEAN – Commonwealth – CPLP- SPF/PIF/MSG). It explores how these global and local choices may represent fragmented polarized options in actions and representations. Furthermore, it is considered if this situation may represent an epitome of the region itself and is jeopardizing Timor-Leste application to ASEAN.

The research methodology includes bibliographic, document analysis and interviews. The constructivist theory will be taken into account. particularly the discussions and cleavages between ASEAN member states regarding the East Timorese application and the different understanding of the ‘socialization’ process in Southeast Asia integration dynamic. This analysis will be made through interviews with the main political and administrative actors of the application, as well as to other Timorese stakeholders (business leaders and civil society groups).

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