Nguyen An Ha

He is currently the General Director of the Institute for European Studies. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in physics at Hanoi University in 1980. He then obtained his PhD degree in Economics at Institute of World Economy and Politics, Russian Academy of Sciences. He specializes in researching international political economy and has been the director of many research projects, mainly related to economic questions. He also participates in teaching activity as a visiting lecturer in different universities.   

1 Publications by  Nguyen An Ha
Russia, ASEAN and Great Power Rivalry: Economic Dimensions
A research on the policy of Russia towards ASEAN in the circumstance of competition between the global players, namely the US, China, the EU, Japan and India in the region. The research will not limit itself to the field of international relations but the field of economic relations, particularly the dynamics of Russia in economic integration to the region....
07 Nov 2018 3.57 AM