Potapohn, Manoj

Manoj Potapohn teaches at Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Economics and formerly also at Yangon University of Economics and the National University of Laos. He graduated with an agricultural and resource economics PhD from University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is at present  completing  research on urban heat islands with an evaluation of the damage to human health, with funding from Thailand’s Department of Health. His recent publications include GMS Regional Trade in Livestock: Animal Flows and Disease Risk (with David Roland-Holst of UC Berkeley), An Emerging Flower and Decorative Plant Trade in Lao PDR (with Vatthanamixay Chansomphou of NUOL) and Integration and Marginality in the Tourist Economy: The Geopolitics of Trekking in Chiang Mai Province (with Olivier Evrard of the IRD and Karnrawee Stratongno, of the Faculty of Economics, CMU)

1 Publications by  Potapohn, Manoj
The Cattle Trade from Myanmar to China and to Mainland Southeast Asia
Myanmar recent legalization of the cattle trade is intended to respond to growing food demand from Southwest China. The trade in cattle is likely to be among - if not the main - catalyst for a potential transformation in the rural heartland of Myanmar. In this region cattle are still raised for use as draft animals and are kept as a means of saving for agrarian households. The Myanmar authorities are faced with controlling these changes to avert disruptions from a rapid pace of mechanization that makes animal drafting redundant. They also need to replace an outflow of labor (migrating to the ...
07 Nov 2018 4.26 AM