Tadie, Jerome

Jérôme Tadié is an urban and social geographer, a research fellow at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), within the URMIS research unit in Paris. He completed his PhD from the University of Paris - Sorbonne on informal control of Jakarta (“The Territories of Violence in Jakarta”, published in French and Indonesian) in 2002. His research interests since have been centred around aspects of informal politics, kampong (village)  fires, the city at night (in Jakarta and Manila) and ghosts in Jakarta. To provide an international comparison he is also working on informal politics in São Paulo, Brazil.

2 Publications by  Tadie, Jerome
Accessing the State? NGOs, Civil Society and Access to Power in Everyday Jakarta
Concerned with different types of NGOs in today’s Jakarta, this research project aims to question how people access power at different levels of society. Focusing on NGOs acting as advocactes for the poor, it analyses how, both informal and formal processes are constitutive and emblematic of relationships that are engendered between local government and the State. It is in analysing such interactions, that this project examines how links between the State and the people are constantly being created and how the formal State functions on a day to day basis, in more or less informal ways. Starting from ...
07 Nov 2018 4.23 AM
11 Mar 2019 5.38 AM