Thitibordin, Amnuayvit (Anthony)

Amnuayvit Thitibordin (Anthony) received his doctoral degree in Southeast Asian History from the University of Hamburg in 2016. He teaches Social Studies at the Kamnoetvidya Science Academy in Thailand. His research interest covers global economic history, with special reference to Southeast Asia and the political economy of colonialism.

Project Summary

British India and Siam: Contestation on the Salween Forest Region 1880-1939

This project examines the contestation of a forest area on the Salween River from the 1880s to the interwar period. The Salween forest cut across the borders of then British India and of Siame. My project explores the development of forestry science and its territorializing of forests and the concomitant demarcation of borders. The project is divided into two parts. The first part of the project surveys the development of the forestry science at the global level. Indeed during this period, forestry science was exported from British India to Siam. In order to better exploit forest resources. The second part looks at the historical practice of forestry science on the opposite sides of the border and its socio-economic consequences.

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