Valente, Andrea

Andrea Valente is Assistant Professor in International Relations and Strategy at the Institute of Social and Political Studies, University of Lisbon. She is also a researcher at Instituto do Oriente, and the executive secretary of the School of Political and Strategic Studies within the University of Lisbon.

Andrea received her a PhD degree from the School of Oriental Studies, University of London. She has been specializing in Southeast Asia since she was an undergraduate student, and she has had the opportunity to conduct field work in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Also, she has been teaching courses on China and Asia-Pacific and, more recently, on globalization, development, and the China-Africa relationship. 

Her research interests evolve around energy security, policy-making, and resource nationalism.

Project Summary

ASEAN and ASEAN members face formidable energy security challenges in a changing energy landscape: Southeast Asia represents one of the most dynamic parts of the global energy system, with an energy demand that has grown by over 60% tin he past 15 years. On the other hand, it is considered to be among the most vulnerable regions to the consequences of climate change. This project departs from many studies of energy security in Southeast Asia by placing the policy-making process as its focus of research. Clearly, the future energy scenario in Southeast Asia will be determined by the interplay of energy, economic, environmental, and demographic factors and, more importantly, by the understanding that governments make of that interplay. Within this framework this project intends to shed light into the sustainability dimension of energy security in the SE Asian context. Overall this project will assess the dynamics of the transition to low carbon economies by focusing on the policy-making process in the electricity sector in two countries – Indonesia and Thailand. The project will narrow its ambit to concentrate on how and if technology (emerging and/ or disruptive) impacts on the policy-making process and thus of the prospects of successfully upgrading to low(er) carbon scenarios.

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