CRISEA’s Web Documentaries

Increasingly, we inhabit a world where messages from media and experiences of personal life are both imbued with, and often coalesce into, the same visual images. Thus, undertaking research with – and through – visual recording and the analysis thereof has become a compelling option, especially when research is of an interdisciplinary nature. CRISEA researchers acknowledge that research results presented in the form of documentary films available online, a website-based form of narration or a multimedia object foster cross-cultural and cross-generational communication and are much more likely to have an impact. However, as these forms are more widely seen, than written pieces are read, they need to be carefully crafted. Through such visual documents – constituted as a fundamental part of knowledge – the sensorial first-impact of sights and sounds can engage an audience in a way that written text cannot. With this in mind, CRISEA has planned the production of five web-documentaries, each of which will focus on one of the five research Work Package themes, while taking into account the project’s three transversal themes – gender, migration and security — in its treatment of material. The producers of the five proposed video productions have been given total freedom to determine the format of their production and the different skills and disciplinary insights they choose to bring to bear on their subject.